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About us

We are the only supplier of hot meals for the whole of Nottinghamshire. To ensure your meals are fresh and piping hot, many of our vans have ovens on board that cook the meals en route.

Other reasons why we remain so popular with our customers include:

  • free delivery from friendly and professional drivers
  • free safe and well check
  • a range of over 70 meals, with our chefs always looking to add new and exciting recipes
  • home from hospital hampers.

For more information, or to make an order, call us on 01623 490 015.

“It is wonderful to know that someone will call in every day and ask me how I am.”

Our Meals

Healthy meals

All our meals comply with the nutritional guidelines recommended by the National Association of Care Caterers.

We don’t add any preservatives, artificial additives or additional salt to the meals we make.


Each meal includes information about 14 allergens that may be in the ingredients used in the meals. This provides you with the peace of mind that your meal is safe for you.

Our ingredients may change from time to time, but we try to avoid this where possible. If you require a full ingredient listing and / or nutritional information please contact us.

Safety and quality

Our production process is independently tested on a regular basis and complies with national standards.

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